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10 Step of basic optimization on your site

Ok.. heres my basic step to optimize a site:

1. Think of relevant Meta keyword, Description and Title that your site caters.. make it more broader and unique with other site competitor.

2. Content is a king!!! So make it sure your content is useful and well explained, more likely entertaining that will keep them coming back.

3. Let search engines know that your site exist. Submit your site to search engines.

4. Set up a Feeds for your site so that others can easily access you content. One example on that is Feed Burner.

5. After that you can ping your site. Use Ping-O-Matic or Pingoat.

6. Join Blogger Community, Enter act promote you site in a nice way. Example on that is Spicypage.

7. Submit your site on Directory Listings.

8 Submit Related Content to List of Article Directories.

9. Also you can submit your site to List of Feed Directories.

10. Join Social Listings such as Myspace.

Hope this one helps.. SEO requires effort and dedication, Sooner or later you will reap your reward. Dont rush!!! believe me SEO takes time.