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Can Directory Listing hurt your Site Ranking?

Theres a lot of this question flying everywhere, asking if directory listing can hurt ranking or can actually be a help to your site.. Well in my own experience, directory submission is my first choice when im doing Offpage SEO. Because theres a lot of resources already out there, ready and available for you to submit.

Now, directory submission is not just submitting your websites there is also a lot of things you need to consider. Its not about how many huge list of directories you have submitted but its about the quality and proper submission.

This are the methods that i do when im submitting websites to directories.

1. Always check the PageRank of the directories where you want to submit your site, it would not be lower than your Website. If your site is PR 5 then you have to submit it in PR5 and above.

2. It should not be 2 clicks away from the index page where you link will be place.

3. I check the page where my link will be place and make it sure that it was already cached.

4. Make it sure that this directories you have submitted is not a Link Farm.

5. Static page is a plus when submitting your links.

6. NO rel="nofollow" links in the code or meta tags

I will be posting more guides, so please do check more often and also if you want to add something just let me know so that i can credit you on this post.