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A brief Introduction of Long Tail Keywords Optimization

What is Long Tail Keyword? usually long tail keyword had a less result, than a targeted keyword. Some users are using long tail keyword for specific result. Lets take this for example a user want a result on how to traffic his/her site, many of users simply type how to drive traffic to my site, rather than traffic my site. This is not just a simple 2 to 3 words but compose of search phrases.
Other Example of Long Tail Keywords are:
1. How to profit my site?
2. how to create a widget for blogger.
3. paid for other to visit your webpage.
and so on......

You can also ask your friends if they are the user what would they query to find your product, it would be a cue for you to strengthen that long tail keyword. You can also use this keyword suggestion tool to select various keyword that you can possibly use,


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