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Pligg Trend | Content Managment System.

Pligg is an open source CMS (Content Management System) based on PHP/MySQL.
The name Pligg was recently popular around the internet, specially on those
Search Engine Optimizer peoples and bloggers. The idea on Pligg was based on
popular English technology site

"Pligg is unique compared to most other content management systems because of it's flexibility. A web designer can do pretty much anything with Pligg because the software was designed to be used in as many ways as possible. Not only can a person with very little knowledge of PHP and MySQL install it, but they can modify and administer it with relatively little difficulty. For those who have a greater understanding of web languages, Pligg can act as the first step in a highly customized personal content management system."

Eric Heikkinen
Pligg Web Director

Pligg is skyrocketing this days, In an email, Pligg says they have 10,000 registered users on the site and the software has been downloaded 60,000 times. Still the use of Pligg software is rapidly growing fast and dominate the other markets in this area.